About EZTrace

EZTrace is a tool that aims at generating execution traces of parallel applications. The traces created with EZTrace can be visualized by the visualisation tools ViTE or Vampir. EZtrace support major HPC programming models: it can record calls to MPI functions, OpenMP directives, pthread synchronisation primitives. Of course, you can mix programming models: EZTrace was designed for supporting MPI+threads applications. Additionnaly, EZTrace can track the memory consumption of processes as well as calls to POSIX I/O (read, write, select, ...)

EZTrace can generate both Paje or OTF trace file so that you can use your favorite visualisation tool. After running your application, trace files are generated. Using ViTE or Vampir, you can visualize your application behavior:

Since EZTrace relies on plugins, you can define your own plugin in order to instrument precisely your application/library. Moreover, EZTrace dynamically intercept functions call, so that you don't need to recompile/relink your application: juste run it with EZTrace, and a trace is created!


Main contributors

EZTrace is a collaboration project that involves several institutes. The main contributors are Telecom SudParis and INRIA Bordeaux.

The main contributors to EZTrace are:

Occasional/former contributors: